a dancer with contemporary dance companies in Australia, with a stint in South East Asia & Japan as a 'showgirl' and 6 years as producer with the One Extra dance company in Sydney, today I work at the Department of Theatre & Performance Studies at the University of Sydney where I am a Senior Lecturer. My research and teaching are the areas of movement studies, dance history, cross cultural performance practices, and theories of embodiment. I have (and have had) phd students under my supervision looking at: intercultural performance; dance, technology and dramaturgy; Australian dance history; creative reconstruction and historiography; ballet and the transfer of 'style'; phenomenological investigation of the 'work' of a contemporary dancer; butoh in Australia; oral history; queer performance. My latest research is on: the women in modern dance in Australia 1920s to 1940s; the influence of Indian, African, African-American and Afro-Caribbean dance on Australia performance during the 1950s and 1960s; the appropriation of Indigenous dance in Australia and the United States - concentrating on the work of Rex Reid, Beth Dean, Ted Shawn and Reginald & Gladys Laubin; the influence of Pina Bausch on Australian dance since the 1980s; and Sonja Revid, a Mary Wigman trained dancer who migrated to Melbourne in 1932.